Monday, 21 July 2014

Faber Fires Technology

Faber Fires are renowned for manufacturing balanced flue gas fires with advanced flame effects. There are four flame choices. Please refer to the Faber Fires brochure for more information.

The Log Burner®
A ceramic log set and the flames concentrate in the centre of the log set. The Log Burner® resembles a small camp fire and is well suited to the smaller square units.

Flat Burner®
The Flat Burner® works also with the ceramic logset and the pebble set. It spreads the flames over the entire width of the fire, offering high output. The Flat Burner® can also be used with propane gas.

Emberded Burner® 
Stylish and elegant curved shape flames are distributed across the entire width of the fire. Available with the log or pebble set.

Step Burner® 
If you require a variety of flame choices we recommend The Faber Step Burner®. The Step Burner® at full power, the flames are visible over the entire width. When less heat is required, the fire is centred in the middle of the burner. At one setting less, these flames become smaller, but still give the effect of a burning fire with wonderful ambience. However, the gas fire would no longer emit a lot of heat, so even in the summer months the room temperature will remain at a pleasant level.

Grate Expectations Ltd supply and install Faber Fires. Please contact our showroom for further details and technical advice.

Operate your Dru using the free App!

The free DRU Control app enables you to operate the fire easily and the Eco Wave lets you design your own flame with your fingertips, control gas consumption level and diagnose technical faults.

NEW! Dru 3D Visualiser

The DRU 3D Visualiser app uses ‘augmented reality’ technology. This means you can project your chosen Dru fire or stove onto any required virtual environment, for example your living room.

Place the ‘A3 Marker’ in the position you wish to install the fire, select a DRU fire, finally aim the camera of your smartphone or tablet at the marker and take photo. Your chosen fire will appear in 3D. An A4 Marker is available if you do not have an A3 printer.

Dru 3D Visualiser (App Store)

Dru 3D Visualiser (Android)

Grate Expectations are specialist fireplace dealers of DRU Fires with live displays of many DRU gas fires, gas fire suites, electric fires and wood burning stoves. Visit our showroom for an expert consultation regarding your fireplace choice.

To view the DRU Fires and stove range visit our suppliers’ page or download the Dru Fires brochure.

Monday, 17 February 2014

A Cast Iron Guarantee from Jotul Fires!

Jøtul have a large selection of wood burning stoves and fireplaces suited to many architectural styles. We have selected a handful in order to show you how a Jøtul wood burner might look like in your home. Jøtul believe that form follows function.

 Jøtul F163 in white

Why Cast Iron?
Jøtul has been manufacturing fireplaces in cast iron since 1853. It is a strong robust material that can endure the high temperatures and rapid temperature changes. Using cast iron on all products enables your fire with a life-long guarantee. 

Jøtul has the world's biggest and most experienced network of dealers. Grate Expectations are happy to help you through the entire process of buying a Jøtul fireplace. Whether you choose to have your fire installed by our in-house installation team or by a third party we can offer our expertise and advice on the Jøtul range.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Newman Fireplaces

Newman's Limestone Surrounds are crafted to the highest standards and strictest quality control systems in their Portuguese factory. Using only the best materials and skill to manufacture a range of over 30 different designs. The veining of the stone generally runs left to right in each design at varying angles creating a clean and consistent design. Limestone is a natural material, each Limestone Surround will encompass it's own shadings and markings making every one unique!

For further information on Newman Fireplaces and Limestone Surrounds talk to the Fireplace Specialists.

DRU Fires

In 2003 DRU Fires launched in the UK. They began with a range of 8 models and today have expanded to a range of over 45. Specialising in built-in Gas Fires and even slightly more sophisticated models that can include your central heating system. DRU Fires are truly innovative and the technology behind them is second to none. With the invention of the DRU PowerVent® has enabled the installation of a gas fire anywhere without the need for a chimney. 

Please visit our website to browse through the DRU Fires range or visit our newly refurbished showroom to view live working displays and talk to the Fireplace Specialists.

Chimney Lining London

Chimney Lining can be installed into the chimney to prevent smoke and fumes escaping into the house. The company that carries out the work should be fully accredited and registered.

We recommend Poujoulat double skin, smooth bore stainless steel flexible multi-fuel Chimney Liners. They extract the smoke and fumes efficiently and come with a ten year guarantee.

For further advice our Chimney Lining services visit our website or drop into our showroom.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Flueless Gas Fires

Due to the strict set of regulations set out for fires sold within the EU there are only a few fireplace manufacturers that produce Flueless Gas Fires in Europe. Most modern fires give off very low emissions (3ppm) CO measured during the CE test. This is diluted by oxygen vented into the room by the fires air vent.

The ODS pilot system on Flueless Gas Fires monitor the oxygen levels within the room. If for any reason the CO levels are too high the ODS will turn off the fire. This happens usually long before CO levels reach 800ppm and higher which is considered dangerous. Typically most of the CO monitors on Flueless Gas Fires shut down between 36ppm to 99ppm. This ensures that your Flueless Gas Fire shuts down prior to the CO alarm going off.

What do you need?

  1. Air Vent – supplying enough fresh air (typically 100cm2). This must be confirmed by the manufacturer. If the vent does not let in the correct supply of oxygen the CO levels will appear too high and the fire will shut down automatically.
  2. A Window – Flueless Gas Fires do not have a thermostat a window can be opened if the room becomes too warm to reduce the temperature in the room.
  3. The Correct Gas Supply - the pressure needs to be maintained at the manufacturers specified level for the fire to function correctly.

    For further advice on purchasing a Flueless Gas Fire please visit the Fireplace Specialists.